Why Video Is Such a Powerful Promotional Tool

Why Video Is Such a Powerful Promotional Tool

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Video has become the most effective tool to promote products online. Making a powerfully compelling promotional offer is within your grasp when you learn how to use video and it’s quick and easy to do when you know how.

With competition fierce on the internet, small online businesses need to step it up in order not to be left behind in the rat race.  We often have to come up with more creative ways to promote our products. We have to be able to get the attention of consumers and keep them interested in our products and the services that we offer.

The use of video has been proven to engage consumers. As compared to simple text or graphics, video are more dynamic. A well directed online video is more entertaining and is proven to get more response from the viewer.

I can attest of how having an online video added in your sales page increases traffic to a site. I have to say that every online business owner should consider using video as a marketing tool. An online video is exactly like a TV commercial, only cheaper. You are given the opportunity to capture the attention of the viewer within the first few seconds. Once you have their attention, you get to pitch your products, convince the viewer why they need it and by the end of your video, you have a sale. It can be as simple as that. With a video, it is easier and faster to get a message across.

Here are a number of reasons why you should consider using online video on your website:

  • A good number of people learn best visually and verbally.
  • The fun factor
  • You get instant feedback
  • It is cost effective
  • It allows you to show your expertise
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Planning For Your Online Business

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Is planning for your online business important? Obviously, it is. The old adage that if you fail to plan means you plan to fail has some truth to it. You have to decide in advance what you will do, what will give you the greatest return for the investment of your time and resources, before you even start. If you don’t, then you’ll drift through your day. But, how can you plan so that during each day, you accomplish something important?

Here are five suggestions:

1. Start by thinking about what you want to achieve? What would a successful day look like to you?

Most people make a to-do list, but everything is listed in the order in which it was put on the list. By default, that makes everything of equal importance. But you and I both know that some things are far more important than others. That means that you need to take some time to rearrange the tasks so that you accomplish what’s most important first.

2. Set short and medium term goals.

It’s been demonstrated time and again that those who accomplish their goals most frequently wrote them down ahead of time. So regardless of what it is that you want to do, you’re more likely to do it if you record them.

It must be said that simply recording them does nothing in and of itself. You must review them every day so that you can take the appropriate action.

3. Set a time line.

This is one area that I think baffles people. Many people, including myself, find that the activities we plan take twice as long as we had imagined. Another challenge is that it’s nearly impossible to guess how long something will take if we’ve never done it.

But, if …

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