How to do business in China

How to do business in China

Because China is the fastest growing economy in the world, taking viable business opportunities in China plays an important role in companies that want to increase their business globally. As a retired buyer, the rules I remember and the experience I gained from my practice when I found a manufacturer in China for the company I worked for was no secret. Here I will share some tips on how to do business in China. I will take the iPhone repair part for example:

1. Many businesses will go to China to look for iPhone repair parts

 because of low material and labor costs. Remember that each region will have its own specific needs that will not always overlap with other parts of the country. Many businesses are clustered in one area. Others scattered. When it comes to iPhone accessories, you have to go to cities on the southeast coast of China. Shenzhen is a good choice, for example.

2. In the information and technology era

you can start typing several keywords. This is a good start, but also requires some wise skills. Choosing a reliable and well-known website carefully is the first step. Then you can browse their site by category to find the category that best suits your interests. Some background research is needed when you choose the website. and some official websites from the Chinese trade department are highly recommended.

3. After opening the pages of your website you might be fascinated and confused with all the information that is in your eyes.

Do not be nervous! Please refer to the category and ranking list. They are useful references when you don’t have the right direction in your mind. Don’t be one hundred percent trust the ranking list. There are a number of things that need to be done before you finally click on the “message” button.

4. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for relative information yourself

or just quickly choosing from a category, I believe you will somehow find it difficult to decide which is best for you to place an order. Your prices and fees may be your exclusive concern. But the price difference between companies may not be that big compared to the actual market. Still taking part in repairing the iPhone for example. The prices quoted by some companies on the website pages may be the same. But according to different amounts they will offer their own discounts.

5. The principal to choose the optimal cooperator needs

to click the link button for further details from the company. Please refer to notes and feedback from old customers. Companies with their own websites might be more professional with international business. Contacting them directly via email or telephone will add to your knowledge of them. An experienced company will have international business executives who can handle transactions in fluent English and the required professional quality.

After reading a few words from my experience, hope you have a good start in entering your own business in China!