Legitimate “Income From Home” Online Business – Or Should I Run the Other Way?

Legitimate "Income From Home" Online Business - Or Should I Run the Other Way?

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The Internet is proving to be a great place to do business. Likewise, it can be a place of less than honest practices. The encouraging fact is that there are many viable and effective business systems out there. However, with people getting online in droves and tens of thousands of new web sites popping up, chances are there will always be a contingent of questionable marketing tactics out there.

Many would-be entrepreneurs are entering the great cyberspace forest in hopes of gaining financial flexibility and freedom. Dreams of a “six figure income,” and escape from debt are powerful incentives for most people. These dreams become even more pronounced during times of economic uncertainty. Therefore, the question becomes: What type of an online business should you be looking for, and what should you avoid? Here are some suggestions:

1. Contact the Business

You should contact the business or review their online content to find out how long they have been around. Has this business stood the test of time, or is a fledgling enterprise that might not be around next month? Obviously, “six figure income” earners or better had to start somewhere. However, the newer the enterprise, the bigger the question mark. A good rule of thumb is, if the business is less than a year old, exercise caution.

2. Check out the Contact Information

Are you given a phone number? Do you get a response or a callback? If there is no working phone number, or if all you ever get is a recorded voice, the opportunity might be questionable. Does the person you are conversing with have difficulty speaking English? In light of the recent Russian and Nigerian online concerns, tread warily.

3. Review the Web Site

Do you think that the “income from home” site or capture page looks professional? How about the quality level of the graphics? Is there an absence of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes? Does this have the appearance of a carefully planned enterprise, or does it look to you like it has been “thrown up” to serve a temporary purpose?

4. Find Out If The Specifics Are In Place

Are you introduced to a real product? One telltale mark of unethical online practice is that there is no product, or the product is vague and/or largely informational in nature. Also, such individuals will give you only partial information on how to achieve a “six figure income” or better, or they will leave out key parts that you will have to pay extra for, or perhaps never receive. Do you know what your role will be as a marketer, and what the company will do for you? Is there ongoing training and support, or are you left to sink or swim?

5. Read the Reviews

Never mind the glowing reports by affiliates and promoters that you often find high up in the search rankings. What are you reading on the online forums about this opportunity? Is this “income from home” opportunity built around one individual? What do your searches say about this person? A few negative reviews are to be expected. Many, from a variety of sources over time, and your red flags should be going up. Find out the relationship between this company and the Better Business Bureau. You could click on the web site of the Federal Trade Commission and search company names under “complaints.” If this company is in the FTC database (open cases), there are some unhappy customers out there. Stay away.

6. Don’t Believe All the Negative Press

Do not believe every shout of alarm. Some people try a great online business and fail for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, some of these people are left with a serious case of sour grapes. Also, some organizations will cry foul in hopes that you will be disenchanted and click on to their “income from home” link at the bottom of their smear campaign.

7. If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

You have probably lived long enough to know that nothing comes from nothing. Nobody possesses a system that makes you thousands of dollars a month after a few minutes of set up, and with little money down – all this while you suntan and splash in the waves of some exotic beach. If there were such a system, why would they ever market it to you or anyone else? Unfortunately, many people heed the siren call of these get-rich-quick schemes, and fall prey to the human frailties of laziness and greed.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a great “six figure income,” or better, business opportunity, you are looking for something well within your reach as an online entrepreneur. Some of the products, GPT opportunities, article writing plans, and affiliate marketing systems out there today are second to none. The trick is finding the right one. Be careful of less than transparent practices out there alongside legitimate opportunity. Do your due diligence. Reflect and review. You will be glad you did.