Small Business Marketing Plans You Can Do in an Hour a Week

Small Business Marketing Plans You Can Do in an Hour a Week

Need to boost your marketing, but not sure how to start? Your small company marketing plans won’t need to be complicated or try this easy and low-cost approach.

This plan requires a just hour of your energy each week, might be implemented for less than $1.50 per contact per month so you need no special technical skill.

Just follow these three basic steps:

#1. Write a half-page article (about 500 words) once weekly and post it over a blog for the company. You can set up your blog within just a few minutes for free at or. Cost: Free.

#2. Send your article by email to every one of your customers and prospects per week. Choose one from the inexpensive marketing via email vendors like, or. Cost: Free to $29 monthly.

#3. Once a month, collect the four weekly articles you’ve written and put them in a simple printed newsletter. You don’t need any fancy formatting, just use your word processor that will put this together.

The essential thing is you create and send it, it ought to look decent, but doesn’t need to be glossy and perfectly polished (glossy works against you…glossy appears to be marketing piece and won’t get read). Cost: About $1 per contact each month.

To enhance your weekly email or monthly print newsletter you’ll find free content to syndicate at or one in the other article directory sites.

Research on the sales process shows that you need to “touch” a whole new prospect between 7 and 22 times to make a sale. Using this plan, if you are doing nothing else, will put you in front of your respective customers and prospects 64 times a year.

With this easy system, within an hour per week, you are going to accomplish that three times every year. …

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